50 cc. of Cheese, STAT!

OrSaying “NO” to drugs is one thing, but saying “NO” to cheese is quite another. And for nacho lovers it’s downright impossible! However, Dr. Neal Barnard, author of Breaking the Food Seduction delves into why people are addicted to various foods.

In Chapter 4 entitled, “Opiates on a Cracker: The Cheese Seduction,” the good Doctor explains that “Cheese is particularly addictive because it contains small amounts of morphine made in the cow’s liver. When the dairy protein breaks apart in the stomach, it releases the opiate molecules.” He goes on to say “[Cheese] has about one-tenth the strength of morphine, and while that may not sound like much, because the foods are so available it’s easy to satisfy a fix.”

While I don’t advocate curbing your daily cheese intake for the sake of “health,” it is interesting to learn and now know why cheese is so damn good. And knowing is half the battle.


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