As Heard on Alice @ 97.3

NonameYesterday, we received an email from a reader tipping us off that the local morning DJs “Sarah & No Name” of Alice @ 97.3FM were talking about our site over the air. I called in and arranged a phone interview for this morning at 5:40am.

For the uninitiated, The Sarah & No Name program is the number one morning show in the San Francisco Bay Area. So to get an opportunity to speak with them was pretty exciting. And although I didn’t have my two nacho loving compadres at my side, the interview went well. Best of all, they invited us ALL to come in tomorrow morning at 7:50am to serve up our Official Recipe!

So tune in, or log onto their Live Stream tomorrow to listen. Hey…what the heck, try calling in to say “hi.” The number is: 1-800-400-3697. In the meantime, we’ve uploaded a clip of this morning’s interview for your listening pleasure.


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3 thoughts on “As Heard on Alice @ 97.3”

  1. Oh my god dude, you’re totally out of control! Someone contain this man! LOL!
    Okay, at this point someone needs to alert the Daily Show. I’m going to look into it.

  2. I didn’t hear Thursday interview…but I did hear Friday’s. It was the reason I was late to work. I think they were shocked that you guys have girlfriends. I think they really thought you three were computer nerds who have too much free time. Well actually they are correct about that. 🙂

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