As Heard on KGO-AM 810 Radio

KgologoYesterday, ABC owned KGO-AM 810 Radio invited us to their Downtown San Jose, California office to participate in a quick interview with reporter Rob Artigo. Excited, the three of us hopped into a car and drove over wondering what to expect.

When we arrived, Rob greeted us, brought us into his studio, and flipped open the mic. We chatted, laughed, and had a great time for about 20 minutes. A few hours later, our segment was broadcast over the San Francisco Bay Area airwaves for all to listen to. We couldn’t be any happier with the way it turned out!

We were able to obtain a copy of the clip for your listening pleasure.




10 thoughts on “As Heard on KGO-AM 810 Radio”

  1. Wouldn’t that be cool! That’s totally something we should shoot for. Now we just got to figure out how to get on the show…hmmm.

  2. Conan is the place to go… CONAN! CONAN! CONAN! You could top LaBamba’s mustache with nacho cheese or get some nacho cheese wrestling going. The ideas are endless.

  3. I’d say aim for Colbert first…just make him a giant sculpture of an eagle, Captain America or Tek Jansen out of nacho cheese. Then act Republican. Within a day, you’ll have 45 million friends on Myspace!

  4. Oh, if it were as easy as picking which TV show we wanted to be on. Wouldn’t that be a great problem to have! We’ve got a nice little humble site that appreciates any and all exposure we can get!

  5. You guys are friggin’ nuts…. LOL! That radio interview was hysterical! Oh Joe, if I only recalled my “You’ve won your own Taco Bell” story… I’m sure that angle could have come in handy!

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