As Seen in The Mercury News

MercSan Jose Mercury Newspaper Selects as the Subject of a Feature Story


SANTA CLARA, CA — MARCH 4, 2007 — The worldwide leader in nacho cheese related news and entertainment, I Love Nacho Cheese, today announced that their website,, is the subject of a feature story in today’s issue of The San Jose Mercury Newspaper. The article, written by staff columnist Linda Goldston, appears on page B1 of the Local Section and includes an interview with the site’s three co-founders.

To continue reading the entire press release, click here.

To read the San Jose Mercury Newspaper article, click here.

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11 thoughts on “As Seen in The Mercury News”

  1. Thanks, Nachisimo! We’re glad you’ve found us. And going by your name…it looks like you’ve found a home here. Love all your comments too. I think you’re right…we should look into a nacho cheese cure for cancer.

  2. I followed the URL from the Murky News article. This is among the more bizarre sites I’ve seen this week. I must want to be sure you understand that this is a good thing.
    It’s time for me to go get my daily dose of Vitamin C. You realize that regular exercise (like bicycling) enables you to eat those 55 servings of Taco Bell nachos?

  3. Fritz, thanks for stopping by the site! Now I’m wondering how far would you have to bicycle to burn off 55 servings of nachos from Taco Bell…?
    Maybe we’ll figure that out and report back

  4. I’m coming to get autographs…
    you are all famous now…or at least somewhat known. 🙂

  5. Im definately spreading the word. I feel like a real wierdo though… with nacho cheese, but anyways. This is the oddest site I have ever seen..

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