Bottomless Nachos

AllyoucaneatNacho loving Dodger fans have reason to celebrate. Dodger Stadium has converted their right-field pavilion into “All-You-Can-Eat” seats. For $35 in advance or $40 on game day, fans will have access to as many hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, soft drinks, and best of all NACHOS as they want.

But before you go out any buy a ticket to the next game hoping to stockpile some cheesy goodness into your napsack, be aware that there are limitations. The food booths open 90 minutes before games and close two hours after it begins. And if you try ordering 100 bowls of nachos you’ll be denied. But, “if a person goes up there and asks for four for his family, he won’t be told no,” said Camille Johnston, the Dodgers senior vice president of communications.

Hats off to the entire Dodger organization for providing such a great fan amenity. We salute you!

[SOURCE: LA Dodgers Official Site]

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3 thoughts on “Bottomless Nachos”

  1. All this is great and dandy for those nacho fans out there (myself included) but how many calories is $40 equivelant to?? I can only imagine the fat cells growing…blah.

  2. That photo makes me wonder…there should be a competition for how many nachos a person can cram into their mouth (without swallowing, vomitting or choking) at one time 🙂

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