Canadians Eat Nachos Too, Eh!

StrangebrewIt may be hard to believe that people other than overweight Americans eat nachos, but Canada’s Print Measurement Bureau conducted a survey to obtain the snack eating habits of their citizens. One particular question in the survey specifically called out their love (or lack thereof) of nachos. The survey was then indexed by each of Canada’s 10 Provinces.

In order to get the details of the survey, you need to subscribe to PMB (which I’m not about to do). So, while much of the diagram doesn’t make much sense, it is interesting to see a couple of factoids. For instance, while Prince Edward Island has the lowest nacho consumption rate at home, there’s some crazy special event going on there that skyrockets their nacho eating populous. My question is: What in the hell kind of event is it and how can I get invited? Another interesting tidbit is that Manitoba is the overall winner for nacho lovers? Hmmm…the plot thickens.

Where people have eaten nachos – Indexed by Region.

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  1. Rob, welcome to our site fellow nacho friend to the north. Glad to hear that you’re doing your part to help boost nacho consumption in Ontario.
    To answer your question about how we find all this nacho information. It’s not easy. In fact…it’s pretty difficult. I can spend hours searching for a single morsal of nacho goodness on the Web. Hopefully, readers such as yourself will begin sending in tips. Our email is:

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