Carnivores Also Eat Nachos

This weekend I made a trip to Valley Fair, the local mall.  For those of you who are not familiar with this mall, Valley Fair has always had a decent food court.  Their offerings include a wide variety of foods from around the world.

Being a steak-and-potatoes kind of guy, I decided to order from the Steak Escape.  This turned out to be my best decision of the day.

After ordering my food, I walked down to the pickup area where I was greeted by a nacho machine!  I snapped a photo for us to drool on.

Since it’s almost guaranteed that Steak Escape does market research to find out what types of food their customers are interested in, we can conclude one thing: steak eaters love nacho cheese.  Now that we know they offer the cheesy nectar, our next task is to find out if Steak Escape will add nacho cheese to any item on the menu.

The Valley Fair food court just gained a bunch points in our book, since it is now a place that can fulfill our nacho cheese fix.

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