Best Nacho Cheese for 2021

2020 is dust and with everyone’s sights set to 2021 and the future…we have eyes on the true prize….the best nacho cheeses out there in 2021

Below are the Top 3 best nacho cheese available for purchase today:

Best All-Purpose Nacho Cheese

tostitos-nacho-cheeseWinner: Tostitos Salsa Con Queso – Medium Nacho Cheese

Whether eaten with nachos, on top a baked potato or as a pretzel dip, this nacho cheese sauce delights with a mild, yet bold cheesy flavorful.

Best Movie Theater Nacho Cheese

Winner: Rico’s Nacho Cheese Cups

Nothing comes closer to a movie theater nacho cheese than Rico’s nacho cheese. These individually packaged cups are excellent.

Best Spreadable Nacho Cheese

Winner: Fritos Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Dip

This is an old-time favorite and not much has changed with this cheese over the years. It’s great with crackers as a spread, or as a dip.

What is the best movie theater nacho cheese?

ricos nacho cheese cupsOf course, “best” is a totally subjective word but when it comes to the ultimate ballpark nacho cheese sauce around, only ONE name comes to mind.  Ricos nacho cheese cups

According to the Ricos website, they even go so far to call out this delicious nacho cheese as “theater-style.” I couldn’t agree more.  It comes in a pack of four individual packaged containers, so basically it’s a four-use deal.  It’s good stuff, has a hint of spice to it, just like the movie theaters and ball parks.

Check it out on Amazon, thankfully for the entire world it seems Amazon sells it.  I found it at the local grocery.  If you try it, come back and let us know what you think…Is it the best movie / ballpark nacho cheese out there?  According to us…Yes, yes it is.

Find Ricos nacho cheese on

BBQ grill plate for nachos or fajitas

BBQ grill plateI received this BBQ grill plate as a gift over 9 years ago and it’s fantastic.    This grill plate works best on the BBQ and it can be used for anything you want to keep hot (ie fajitas, nachos, etc).

Here’s the link to the grill plate on Amazon.

Long story short, the nachos turned out great.  The photo is coming soon.

[UPDATED Dec-2019]

I’ve used this a gazillion times and it’s still great.  While it’s certainly good at making nachos, it’s also good at cooking/serving sizzling fajitas.  Warning:  just be careful — the grill plate gets (and stays) very hot.

Pregnant Women Crave Nachos

What is the #1 food item is that women crave while pregnant?

You guessed it, nachos!  According to these 40 Interesting Facts, it’s true, pregnant women crave nachos more than anything else.

Pregnant nacho lovers:

These nacho sauces taste great and they’re available on Amazon:


How Many Nachos Would It Take To…

Story suggestion by: Chris F. Email us a story.


Have you ever wondered how many orders of Taco Bell nachos it would take to fulfill your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C? Well we have, and thanks to the Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator over at, we have your answer.

What do you think it is?

Click here to find out.


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Only a True Nacho Cheese Lover Would Go This Far

Story suggestion by: Mitch S.  Email us a story.

You may be surprised to learn that I’m not the owner of this license plate, nor are any of the other authors here at 

In fact, no one in California has snatched up this gem of a plate!  When I visited the Department of Motor Vehicles site in California, I was shocked to find that to this date, no nacho lover out there has purchased this personalized license plate.

Now that you all know, will someone grab it up before I do?  Whether I get it or not, this is possibly the BEST personalized plate I’ve ever seen (if you’ve seen one cooler, let us know)

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Should Fondue be Considered Nacho Cheese?

FondueI’m going to pose a question that has come up during some casual conversations with friends of mine.

Can fondue be considered nacho cheese? 

I argue no and here’s why…

To me, nacho cheese in its simplest form is not an elegant food that the "aristocrats" of society would proclaim to enjoy.  Fondue is the opposite.  Going further, the history of nachos dates back to 1943.  You can read the full story here, but to make a long story short, it wasn’t until 1977 when nachos were brought to Arlington Stadium in Texas that the popularity of nacho cheese exploded.  Can you see people eating fondue at a ball-game?  Heck no!

My point is this…Fondue is not nacho cheese, it’s melted "wannabe" nacho cheese at best.

Post your comments, do you agree with me or disagree?

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Beavis and Butthead Were Nacho Lovers


If you were at least 14 years old between the years 1993 and 1997 then you definitely remember Beavis and Butthead.  These two high school students loved to watch music videos, hang out at the mall, try to "score with chicks", and most importantly eat nachos.

Nachos were actually eaten by Beavis and Butthead so much that a t-shirt was made and sold to fans all over.  But wait…

You can actually still purchase this t-shirt from Amazon.  Unfortunately they only have XX-Large… but then again if we think of who is actually going to buy this shirt, it makes sense.

Fact or Fiction: Is Nacho Cheese Bad for You?

Kraft_2 The public perception is that all nacho cheese is bad for you.  Determined to uncover the truth in the matter, I felt inclined to investigate the nutritional data for three readily available nacho cheese products found at my local Safeway grocery store. 

Specifically, I wanted to directly compare the sauce-type nacho cheese with grated cheese that comes from a bag (as seen in the picture).

Here’s the three products I compared:

  • Frito Lay (sauce cheese in a jar)
  • Tostitos (sauce cheese in a jar)
  • Kraft Mexican Cheese (regular grated style cheese in a bag)

The results of my nutritional analysis may surprise you…

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Taco Bell Extreme Cheese and Beef Quesadilla

Taco_bell_logo Well guess what?  Taco Bell has launched a new item on their menu that involves "extreme cheese."

Having not tried this new quesadilla yet, I’m hesitant to officially endorse it, but I’m intrigued.

If anyone out there has tried the Extreme Cheese and Beef Quesadilla from Taco Bell, let me know how you liked it.

I’ll be going to Taco Bell soon to try this out for myself.  Once I’ve tasted it, I’ll be sure to post a review on the site asap.