Frenchos? I’ll take the Zero

Frenchos If there’s any nacho out there that could be classified as doltish, this is it. Just as it was declared earlier that fondue is not nacho cheese, this little recipe is in no way, shape, or form nachos. Lest anyone think that by melting a dab o’ fromage on a tortilla chip automatically constitutes a nacho, they are sadly mistaken. Nachos should never have to be "plated" or "presented." Nachos are to be prepared by grabbing a handful of chips, thowing them into a bowl, and smothering it with molten hot nacho cheese. 

This recipe is a disgrace and an insult to all nacho lovers. Now excuse me while I slice a cube of Reblochon and pair it elegantly with a bold glass of 2003 Cotes du Rhone Villages Cairanne.

What Could Have Made Cinco de Mayo Better?

Nacho_trayIt’s been 10 days since Cindo de Mayo and I can’t help but reflect on that days events.  The day was filled with laughter, beer, friends, and of course, nachos.  But what could I have done better?  What could have enhanced my overall Cinco de Mayo experience?

The answer rests in the Heated Nacho Tray. tempted me to with this powered nacho accessory, yet I still didn’t buy one. 

I must have had a momentary lapse of intelligence.  What could be better than having beer after beer, all the while knowing the my nacho cheese would be kept at a perfectly delicious temperature?

So check it out, the Heated Nacho Tray is a winner in my book and is a must-have accessory for every nacho lover.

We Heart Taco Licking

TacosSarah and No Name from Alice @ 97.3 generously invited us to their Cinco de Mayo (Thizzo de Mayo) broadcast to judge their “Battle of the Bay Taco Licking Contest.” And although nacho cheese wasn’t involved, we graciously accepted the challenge.

The contest consisted of two teams of three: The North Bay vs. The East Bay. It was a hardfought battle, but after all the tongues were tired and all the tacos were licked, the North Bay team was crowned the victors.

Overall, the entire event was great to be part of. Hooman was sporting an shirt, we got to hang out with the morning crew again, and we were able to meet some interesting loyal listeners. Even recently engaged Andrew “The Bachelor” Firestone showed up to drink and be merry!

Click here to see pictures from the event.

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Inside the Mind of a Nacho Cheese Hero

DaneEarlier this month, Dane Boedigheimer of sent us a custom commercial titled “The Nacho Newsreel” that he produced specifically for us. But before The Nacho Newsreel, he created “Nacho Blasters,” a hilarious breakfast cereal commerciall spoof.

We wanted to find out more about this nacho cheese champion and find out what makes him tick and the inspiration behind these notable nacho cheese flicks.

To read the interview, click here.

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Fight Over Nachos: Reloaded

GirlsumoWe recently wrote a post about a fight that broke out between two girls at Revere High School over nachos. While police never elaborated on the circumstances, only to disclose that they were both arrested for assault and battery, there have been a few stories written about the scuffle.

One in particular, written by Susie of “Everyone loves a Boston girl,” was particularly interesting since it was from the female perspective. Susie’s post titled, “I too would fight for nachos,” suggests:

“We should create a list of rules from now on? Everyone must agree on the toppings on nachos before entering the restaurant. Always order the larger size. Only take one spoonful of salsa, one spoonful of guacamole, and one spoonful of sour cream. Don’t eat all of the nachos that are smothered and cheese and leave the bare ones.”

Brilliant, Susie. We couldn’t agree with you more. If you think about it, your instruction should really be nacho common sense… but then again, so should mindful one-for-one car merging during traffic. But it only takes one halfwit to stir up roadrage, or in this case, a nacho brawl.

[SOURCE: Everyone loves a Boston girl]

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Emo: Life is Painful, Go Eat Nachos


The word Emo is short for “emotional”. It represents a type of music, personality, and fashion. Typically Emos are very sad and angry. They like to have their hair in front of their face (to hide their tears?). Emos like to wear old and beat up clothes (to conform to non-conformity?). Usually they are very shy and introverted (ashamed of their stupid hair?). Emos also listen to music with themes of confusion, depression, and loneliness (ashamed of their stupid hair?).

So what do Emos do to help hold back the tears and avoid their dark eyeliner from running? No, they don’t use waterproof eyeliner. They EAT NACHOS!

There are two pieces of evidence that help us make this conclusion:

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Ding! Your Nachos are Done (Redux)

DingLast month, we posted a story on a patent for a microwavable nacho box. Shortly after, the inventor, Kim Y. Edomwonyi contacted us. During a quick conversation, we learned that Kim currently lives in the midwest in a small town in the southeastern tip of Iowa. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Kim never intend to stay but it’s “comfortable, with no traffic, less stress, and safer” than the big city.

But what inspired Kim to become an inventor? And furthermore, what was the inspiration behind the microwavable nacho box? We were able to conduct a quick interview with Kim to find out the answers to these questions.

To read the entire interview, click here.

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n. na·cho (nä’chō’)

Story suggestion by: Shara M. Email us a story.

OedEver wonder about the word “nacho” and what its origin may be? Adriana P. Orr, former U.S. library researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary, wrote an article back in 1999 that tackled that very question. She recalls a day back in September of 1988 when a slip of paper with the word “nacho” was given to her from one of the editors. It was her job to research its etymology.

Was it back in 1978 when it appeared in an issue of the Tucson (Arizona) Magazine? Was it in 1969 when it was published in Webster’s Ninth Collegiate Dictionary? Or does it go back even further? Ultimately, Adriana’s search took her as far back as 1949 when she found a quote in a book titled A Taste of Texas:

“Sometime later he returned carrying a large dish of Nachos Especiales. ‘These Nachos,’ said Pedro, ‘will help El Capitan – he will soon forget his troubles for nachos make one romantic.”

However fascinating this magical quote was, she was never able to conclusively find the true origin.

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Know Thy Enemy

NachoenemyEveryone loves nacho cheese, right? Wrong! We live in a crazy mixed up world where there are actually people out there trying to spread propaganda against the beauty that is nacho cheese. We have found one such individual and feel an obligation to the nacho cheese community to identify the enemy.

In an article entitled, “Behold the Evils of Cheese” posted on Visionary Darkness, a cheese-hater going by the alias Killing Joke entertains the notion that cheese is an evil force that’s taking over America. Don’t let this writer’s name full you. He is anything but joking. Make no mistake, Killing Joke is on a mission to rid the world of this wonderfully delicious gooey elixir.

Click here to read an excerpt from the article.

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Eat Nachos, Lose Weight

Story suggestion by: Mitch S. Email us a story.

NachodietConsidering the diet industry is big business and pulls in billions of dollars each year, it’s not surprising that there are so many out there. From Atkins, to The Zone, to South Beach, choosing the right diet and sticking with it is something many people struggle with each day. Needless to say, being a nacho lover doesn’t really help the cause.

Or does it?

The Watley Review posted a parody article about a research study that proposed the effectiveness of the Tourette’s diet, also known as the “nacho diet.” (Is it just me, or does anyone else have a strong urge to cuss right now?) The study, funded by Frito-Lay’s, was conducted over a two-year period and is the first to document a positive affect on the American physique by a snack food.

Participants consumed one serving of nachos in place of breakfast and lunch, had a normal dinner, and were allowed snacks consisting of fruit. Participants lost up to 8 pounds in two weeks! And while The Watley Review may be a parody site, and this “diet” may not be a good idea to actually undertake, we believe in a perfect world, the “nacho diet” would be A-Okay!

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