Nacho Sighting at GDC2007

KotakuGDC2007 has come and gone. Overall, it was a decent show…albeit, one without nachos conveniently available in the convention center. However, in response to this post, Michael Fahey over at the gaming mega-blog Kotaku generously wrote us with this report.

According to Fahey, Telltale Games held a small party to promote their upcoming Sam and Max game. The shindig was held at a little speakeasy in a Union Square alleyway and was home to many drunk members of the press as well as Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam and Max.

But the big news of the night was that they were serving up nachos. Fahey described them as being “slightly thicker than your normal variety, with some of them bordering on the chewy side for some odd reason.” He added that, “while the other finger foods were down at the other end of the darkened bar, the nachos sat alone upon a pedestal, piled high…piled proudly.” He admitted to spending a fair amount of time standing next to the pedestal, scooping up copious amounts of goodness onto the slightly sweet chips before eventually breaking down, grabbing a plate, and shoveling a large chunk out of the diminishing pile and carrying them over to a table where his Kotaku cohorts and friends waited.

We salute you, Michael Fahey, for keepin’ it real and being a proud nacho cheese lover!

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Nachos Bring Families Together

I’m sure we can all agree that nachos, on a personal level, can turn a bad day into a good one. But do nachos have the power to reach more than just the individual? Can nachos bring people together? Richard Tait believes just that. In an article he’s written for ModernMom titled “Minutes to Memories: The Science of Nachos“, Richard shares his experience and explains how nachos have “transform an often stress-filled moment — making dinner — into a family sport.”

First of all. Dude, Richard, seriously… I appreciate the article and everything, but ModernMom? In your defense, I guess the ModernDad Web site pales in comparison.

Aaanywho! Richard confesses that “eight years ago, if you told [him] happiness could be found in a messy mound of nachos, [he] would have smiled politely and looked for the nearest exit. Bliss in a pile of tortilla chips, melted cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and onions? Unlikely.” But now, every Sunday night, Nacho Night, he and his family make nachos, laugh, talk, and connect.

Conclusion: Let’s send some nachos to Iraq.

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Dolls Love Nachos Too

Doll_nachosIf Barbie was real, what would one of her favorite foods be?

One doll-house accessory manufacturer believes the answer is nachos and we agree 100%!  To back up their claim, this company has even designed a miniature nacho cheese set!

To any of you nacho cheese lovers that have children who play with dolls, this is a must have accessory! 

By the looks of her waist, Barbie is dying of starvation.  Please help Barbie live by feeding her a nice plate of nachos!

Via eBay

How Much Is Too Much?

HowmuchEverybody loves nachos. And everyone has their particular preference when it comes to nacho cheese. Some prefer their chips to have hot nacho cheese sauce poured on top, while others prefer to grate cheese directly on their chips and bake their nachos until the cheese has a nice crispy edge. But what about nacho toppings? There are definitely many ways to top nachos. The question was raised yesterday during lunch:

Can there ever be too much topped on a nacho?

The short answer is, “YES.”

But to understand why, there involves some explanation. First of all, let it be known that I lean a bit to the right when it comes to nachos. I like my chips and nacho cheese and that’s about it. If I had to top it with something, I may throw a few jalapeno peppers on there. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed nachos with other various toppings. A dollop or guacamole, a spoon full of sour cream, some chopped tomato, ground beef and bean chili, olives…the list goes on.

Honestly, all of those toppings are perfectly acceptable. The problem arises when you combine too many ingredients. At that point it was determined that the nachos will loose their integrity. In the end, it was agreed that two toppings is ideal, three toppings is pushing it, and if you put four or more toppings on your nacho you’re better off just making yourself a taco.

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Humerous + Genious = Nacho Blasters


There are few heroes out there that contribute to the nacho community as much as the triple-threat team of Dane Boedigheimer, Mitch Rudolph, and Ken Davis. These three friends came together and produced a one-minute commercial spoof on a breakfast cereal product called “Nacho Blasters.”

The video begins with a man faced with spending another morning eating the same ol’ bowl of “Boring-O’s.” That is, until he’s presented with a cheesy alternative.

Unlike other homemade videos that generally suck and are unwatchable, “Nacho Blasters” has three things going for it:

1. It’s short and leaves you wanting more.
2. It’s primary theme is nacho related.
3. It doesn’t suck and is watchable.

Now make yourself some nachos, sit back, relax, and enjoy our feature presentation…

Click here to watch the Nacho Blasters video

Ummm…You’re Joking, Right?

If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s trying out new nacho recipes. And then I came across this four-step recipe on and nearly had a coronary.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion especially when it comes to nachos. Everyone, that is, except Jeff. Apparently, Jeff is a bit retarded when it comes to the most basic ingredient of the nacho. I’m not talking about the tortilla chips (although after reading his recipe I wouldn’t have been surprised if he substituted chips for spinach salad). No, my nacho loving friends, I’m talking about the CHEESE! Dude…Jeff…here’s a little advice if you ever decide to write another nacho recipe:

You need nacho cheese.

Jeff’s nacho recipe is nothing more than chips. I feel bad for even pasting this recipe here on, but I believe I owe it to you, the reader, to see for yourself what a disgrace this recipe is and warn others to beware.

Jeff’s Nachos:
1. Buy nachos (brand of your choice).
2. Open bag of nachos using scissors in order to avoid lost nachos.
3. Empty contents of bag into a large bowl (this step is optional).
4. Consume nachos, but be careful to not eat the bag – this can lead to choking.

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Make Peace and Eat Nachos

AllaboutnachosMySpace is a cesspool for miscreant, pedophile, and musician profiles. But dig deep enough and you’ll find some profiles that are absolute gems. One such gem is “All About Nachos.” This profile is home to two girls (Saucee and Peppah) whose mission statement is simple:

“We are here to try out nachos in a variety of locations in Austin and surrounding cities here in Texas. We are looking for taste, sex appeal, aesthetics, and price. The chip is as important as the toppings. Must have excellent salsa and margaritas.”

Their reviews are informative and humerous. In fact, my only complaint is that they don’t include pictures of the nachos they review. If you’re a nacho lover that lives in the Austin area, “All About Nachos” is one MySpace profile worth checking out.

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David’s Nacho Cheese Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower_seedsWe’ve all spent time cracking open traditional salt-coated sunflower seeds, but have you tried nacho cheese sunflower seeds?

DAVID, the most well-known maker of sunflower seeds has a wide assortment of other flavors, including nacho cheese.  While I am not a fan of the Ranch and Bar-B-Q flavors, I applaud DAVID for taking the leap and serving a nacho cheese flavor as well.

The verdict?  I tried DAVID nacho cheese sunflower seeds and I like them.  One caveat…I have eaten a whole bag of them and I could see how the flavor could be over-powering if not complemented by a nice cold beverage.

For The Love of Nachos…

Faustino Vasquez came to the United States from Mexico in 1977 to find work.  He may also be a god to nacho lovers.  This guy opened up a successful restaurant named El Rancho by recognizing the overwhelming hunger of drunken college students as they stumble home at 2am.

So you may be thinking, well that’s not such a novel idea, anyone could do that.  Potentially, though it’s unlikely.

However, I argue it’s much simpler than that.  Vasquez made one incredibly intelligent business maneuver…he served nachos.  Here is how one journalist described his experience eating at El Rancho.

"At 1:30 a.m., a line stretches the length of the restaurant. Groups of
laughing and shouting friends sit in booths, stuffing nachos into their
mouths so fast at times that cheese drips from their chins."

I salute Mr. Vasquez for his contributions to the nacho cheese community.

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Nacho Average Recipe

ResolutionAverage Betty. Who is she? What is she famous for? Why do we care? The fact is…I don’t know. What I do know is that the self-proclaimed "Time Magazine Person of the Year" has recently posted a New Year’s Resolution video that promotes Nachos. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s plenty reason to scribble (type) a few lines of text.

Titled, That’s Nacho Resolution, the video gives a quick step-by-step recipe for Nachos. Personally, I found the video to be a bit on the annoying side…but what the hell do I know? Average Betty has a following and is even up for the "Yahoo! Best Internet Personality" Award.

Check out her video at:

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