Classic Nacho Scenes: Napoleon Dynamite

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The kitchen is retro with formica countertops and dark stained cabinets. KIP (Napoleon’s brother) is seen making nachos. Gripping a large block of cheddar cheese and grating it over a plate of tortilla chips, it is quiet until the phone rings. KIP answers.


NAPOLEON Is Grandma there?

KIP No, she’s getting her hair done.


KIP What do you need?

NAPOLEON Can you just go get her for me?

KIP I’m really busy right now.

This classic nacho scene in Napoleon Dynamite is monumental. Just as the Karate Kid inspired kids around the world to ask their mothers to sign them up for Karate lessons, this pivotal scene demonstrated that nachos are more than just a local pub appetizer or sporting event snack. Nachos could be consumed at home. And making nachos is as easy as grating some cheddar on chips. Let’s just hope Kip remembered to nuke those bad boys a bit before feasting.

3 thoughts on “Classic Nacho Scenes: Napoleon Dynamite”

  1. Perdy sher Nachoz are flippin’ sweet Joey Mack! Forget about the numchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills. Napoleon should’ve picked up on the cheese grating skillz since girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

  2. Also watch the scene closely, when the camera cuts back to his brother Kip, the pile of cheese has got HUGE without him grating, BIG CHEESE 🙂

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