Ding! Your nachos are done

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PatentInventors are cool. But inventors that invent nacho related inventions are cooler. An email recently hit our inbox with a list of various nacho patents. One particular patent, however, rose to the top as the most practical. Inventor, Kim Y. Edomwonyi, created packaging that enables microwavable nachos to be sold that will evenly distribute cheese sauce and prevent soggy chips. Genious! All we need now is to wait for someone to actually start manufacturing and using this breakthrough in nacho packaging.

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“Snacks such as tortilla chips with melted nacho cheese toppings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the dispensing of such snacks, as a single unit, in microwavable packages, for either home or vending stand use is desirable. A major problem with packaging cheese and chips in contact with one another in a single container, however, is that over time the chips, which are a low moisture content food, would draw moisture from the cheese, causing them to become soggy. The present invention remedies this problem by separating the cheese from the chips by containing it in an open grid integrated into the package top in such a way that when microwaved, the cheese will melt and be evenly distributed over the chips.”

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