Dog Bites Shark

SanjosedogLast night I watched the exciting NHL match-up between the home-ice San Jose Sharks against their Pacific Division rivals, The Ducks. And while the final score was a bit disappointing (2-3), there was one thing that made my trip to The Tank all worthwhile — The San Jose Sharks Hotdog.

The SJ Dog is a site to behold and a taste to savor. This is the 8th game I’ve gone to so far this season, and I think I’ve eaten a SJ Dog at six of those eight games. It’s become a game night staple. And by taking a look at the picture I’m sure you can see why. This foot long dog is first covered in all-beef chili, sprinkled with finely chopped white onion, drenched in nacho cheese, and topped with a bit of sour cream for good measure. This hot dog is pure heaven.

The vote is in, and my score is as follows:

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 4/5
Total: 13/15

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