Dolls Love Nachos Too

Doll_nachosIf Barbie was real, what would one of her favorite foods be?

One doll-house accessory manufacturer believes the answer is nachos and we agree 100%!  To back up their claim, this company has even designed a miniature nacho cheese set!

To any of you nacho cheese lovers that have children who play with dolls, this is a must have accessory! 

By the looks of her waist, Barbie is dying of starvation.  Please help Barbie live by feeding her a nice plate of nachos!

Via eBay

One thought on “Dolls Love Nachos Too”

  1. I have to go through my blogroll once and drink my coffee before I can officially start my day and this, about the teeny Barbie nachos, is my favorite post of the morning!

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