Eat Nachos, Lose Weight

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NachodietConsidering the diet industry is big business and pulls in billions of dollars each year, it’s not surprising that there are so many out there. From Atkins, to The Zone, to South Beach, choosing the right diet and sticking with it is something many people struggle with each day. Needless to say, being a nacho lover doesn’t really help the cause.

Or does it?

The Watley Review posted a parody article about a research study that proposed the effectiveness of the Tourette’s diet, also known as the “nacho diet.” (Is it just me, or does anyone else have a strong urge to cuss right now?) The study, funded by Frito-Lay’s, was conducted over a two-year period and is the first to document a positive affect on the American physique by a snack food.

Participants consumed one serving of nachos in place of breakfast and lunch, had a normal dinner, and were allowed snacks consisting of fruit. Participants lost up to 8 pounds in two weeks! And while The Watley Review may be a parody site, and this “diet” may not be a good idea to actually undertake, we believe in a perfect world, the “nacho diet” would be A-Okay!

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4 thoughts on “Eat Nachos, Lose Weight”

  1. I consumed nachos with Cheeze Whiz and plenty of jalapenos for a couple of months years ago when trying to lose weight. I went through gallon containers of both peppers and cheese sauce. I actually lost a considerable amount of weight. I was considering trying it again to lose a few pounds that have appeared recently. 🙂

  2. i have lost weight from the nacho diet. i use shredded cheese sometimes white and sometimes orange . with unsweetened brew tea .

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