Eva Loves Nachos…or Does She?

Evanachos_1I like Desperate Housewives just as much as the next guy. Okay, so maybe "the next guy" doesn’t like DH. I swear… I’m not teh ghey! In any event, Eva Longoria is hawt. Couple that with the possibility that she’s also a nacho lover and you’ve nearly got yourself the perfect woman.

But this picture brings into question whether or not she truly is a nacho lover. Look at that sour puss. It looks like she just took a bite of nastos. So is she or isn’t she a nacho lover? I need answers.

Let the debate begin…

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3 thoughts on “Eva Loves Nachos…or Does She?”

  1. Honestly, I think she’s pissed at the whoever brought her the nachos for not bringing an ice cold beer to go along with them.

  2. Ah! But she hasn’t even taken a BITE of the nacho yet! That sour look on her face probably has something to do with the game…or lack of a beer.

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