Fight Over Nachos: Reloaded

GirlsumoWe recently wrote a post about a fight that broke out between two girls at Revere High School over nachos. While police never elaborated on the circumstances, only to disclose that they were both arrested for assault and battery, there have been a few stories written about the scuffle.

One in particular, written by Susie of “Everyone loves a Boston girl,” was particularly interesting since it was from the female perspective. Susie’s post titled, “I too would fight for nachos,” suggests:

“We should create a list of rules from now on? Everyone must agree on the toppings on nachos before entering the restaurant. Always order the larger size. Only take one spoonful of salsa, one spoonful of guacamole, and one spoonful of sour cream. Don’t eat all of the nachos that are smothered and cheese and leave the bare ones.”

Brilliant, Susie. We couldn’t agree with you more. If you think about it, your instruction should really be nacho common sense… but then again, so should mindful one-for-one car merging during traffic. But it only takes one halfwit to stir up roadrage, or in this case, a nacho brawl.

[SOURCE: Everyone loves a Boston girl]

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