For The Love of Nachos…

Faustino Vasquez came to the United States from Mexico in 1977 to find work.  He may also be a god to nacho lovers.  This guy opened up a successful restaurant named El Rancho by recognizing the overwhelming hunger of drunken college students as they stumble home at 2am.

So you may be thinking, well that’s not such a novel idea, anyone could do that.  Potentially, though it’s unlikely.

However, I argue it’s much simpler than that.  Vasquez made one incredibly intelligent business maneuver…he served nachos.  Here is how one journalist described his experience eating at El Rancho.

"At 1:30 a.m., a line stretches the length of the restaurant. Groups of
laughing and shouting friends sit in booths, stuffing nachos into their
mouths so fast at times that cheese drips from their chins."

I salute Mr. Vasquez for his contributions to the nacho cheese community.

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One thought on “For The Love of Nachos…”

  1. The fine people of Columbia, Missouri should be thankful for Mr. Vasques and what he provides. Not to mention, he’s a spitting image of Ron Jeremy.

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