From the Archives — Could Ice Cream with Nacho Cheese Taste Good?

Ice_cream_nacho Recently a situation arose where I was put in a position to try nacho cheese with vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  Some of the friends I was with appeared disgusted at the thought of the mix and others were intrigued to watch me tempt my taste buds with two seemingly opposite flavors.

I used an inexpensive nacho cheese from a local Safeway grocery store.  Rather than pour hot nacho cheese all over my ice cream, instead I took a clean spoon and dipped it in the nacho cheese bowl.  Then I filled the rest of the spoon with a mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

I ate it.

It did not taste good.  It could have been the worst thing I’ve tasted in a while.  This mix of nacho cheese with ice cream just does not work.  In fact, I drew a blank when I began thinking about other flavors of ice cream that might taste better with nacho cheese than the vanilla and chocolate did.

6 thoughts on “From the Archives — Could Ice Cream with Nacho Cheese Taste Good?”

  1. You are the cheese master. To boldly mix nacho cheese with ice cream is worth praise. You got me thinking about what ice cream flavor (if any) would go good with cheese. All I can say is that right now I wish there was a tortilla chips flavored ice cream!

  2. That’s not the way to eat cheese and chocolate together. I frequently combine the two, but I usually just drink chocolate milk with whatever I’m having. For example, grilled cheese with chocolate milk–awesome combination.

  3. Nacho cheese and ice cream puts me in the mind of doughnut burgers – No really… it’s a thing.

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