Happiness…is a Warm Nacho

HappinessWork can be grueling. Work can be fun. But at the end of the day, we all need a little something to help push us along. Whether it be a mid-day coffee with friends to have a little chat before facing the final stretch, or sitting on the shitter 5 extra minutes after you’ve finished just to have some "me time," we all have our personal techniques to make our workday a bit less stressful.

For me, yesterday was one such day where I needed some extra encouragement to nudge me along. Lunchtime approached and it already felt like I had been at the office an entire day. Low and behold, it was nacho day. Nachos were just the thing I needed to bring a smile to my face and give me the energy to carry on.

Thank you nachos. I owe you one.

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One thought on “Happiness…is a Warm Nacho”

  1. Agreed. For me it’s similar. When it’s cold and dark outside, with rain approaching, many people turn to a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Not me! I turn to nacho cheese to warm me up and make me happy.

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