How Many Nachos Would It Take To…

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Have you ever wondered how many orders of Taco Bell nachos it would take to fulfill your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C? Well we have, and thanks to the Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator over at, we have your answer.

What do you think it is?

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After playing with the nutrition calculator for quite some
time, we have determined that it would take approximately 55 orders of nachos
from Taco Bell to fulfill your daily intake of Vitamin C. That’s 55 regular type, regular size nacho
orders. That’s 55 of the little bags of
chips, and 55 of the little containers of cheesy yum sauce.

But buyers beware, because it’s not all dandy like us nacho
cheese lovers would think.

Even though you will have your daily intake of Vitamin C (which
is an antioxidant that can help fight heart disease and cancer, help your
immune system, and help your body produce collagen), it will harm your body in
other ways and possibly kill you.

Take a look at the following chart:


As you can see, you would be consuming around 1550% of your daily intake of total fat and 1450% of your daily intake of sodium.  For those of you that are not scientists: this is bad!  In fact it will probably kill you (not to mention you might be constipated for days if you are not dead).

Please eat your nachos in moderation.

WARNING: Do not attempt to try and eat 55 orders of nachos from Taco Bell as a source of your daily Vitamin C.  Although we really love nacho cheese, it is unhealthy, dangerous, and really gross.

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  1. Son of a…there goes tomorrow’s plans for lunch. But at least you have a snazzy chart to convince me not to do this!

  2. OMG! That post is the greatest. How can this NOT be on the “Favorite Posts” area? We need more people to read this.

  3. You should become dieticians. That way you can save even more lives! Now when I have an orange or 50 bags of cheesey nachos, I will know what choice to make. Thank you Cheese Guy!

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