Inside the Mind of a Nacho Cheese Hero

DaneEarlier this month, Dane Boedigheimer of sent us a custom commercial titled “The Nacho Newsreel” that he produced specifically for us. But before The Nacho Newsreel, he created “Nacho Blasters,” a hilarious breakfast cereal commerciall spoof.

We wanted to find out more about this nacho cheese champion and find out what makes him tick and the inspiration behind these notable nacho cheese flicks.

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ILNC: Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
Dane: Well I guess first off I’m a filmmaker, or at least I’ve been called that by other people so I think it’s safe to say that I am. I love to make movies, laugh, hang out with friends, party, draw, write, and travel. I also run a comedy video site called with friends of mine. We’re a small group of Fargo, ND expatriates now living in Southern California, sometimes answering to the name of the Get Along Gang. We founded Gagfilms on Valentine’s Day 2005. Why? Because we LOVE comedy shorts!

ILNC: What got you interested in making comedic movie shorts?
Dane: I like making other people laugh, and I really like stupid cheesy (no pun intended) special effects, so it was a pretty easy decision.

ILNC: What inspired you to make Nacho Blasters?
Dane: I hate those commercials where they have characters where everything sucks…that is, until they get a hold of a certain food or drink product that turns everything around for them. A guy pops the top of his beer and suddenly there’s girls hanging off of him, those kind of commercials. So I was kind of making fun of those commercials by coming up with a product that people would never eat for breakfast. Who would get up in the morning and say, “Hey! I want a huge bowl of nacho cheese with crunched up Doritos in it!” (except for me that is)

ILNC: Do you really like nachos?
Dane: No I don’t. I really LOVE nachos!

ILNC: Do you like your nachos topped with anything aside cheese? If so, what?
Dane: I like black olives, tomatoes, some sour cream, lots of cheese. I’ve got a friend that acually likes to use Doritos when he makes his nachos. I’m not so much of a fan of that, but either way, there’s nothing like a big plate of nachos while watching the game…or old reruns of ALF!

ILNC: Has our site helped give you exposure in anyway?
Dane: Yes it has! By being featured, I’ve had many more people see Nacho Blasters and in turn visit our site,

ILNC: Were you excited when you found out that our site wrote a review and was featuring your video?
Yes I was! It’s an honor that found Nacho Blasters worthy enough to be featured! In fact, we here at were so excited, we decided to have a “Slip and Slide” party…but instead of water we used nacho cheese. It was a gouda time.

ILNC: I’d like to see some video of that! Sounds like a future post. Thanks for taking some time to talk with us, Dane. Before we go, do you have any last words of wisdom for the nacho loving community?
Yes! I think that all nacho lovers need to write to their local congressmen and tell them that we need an alternative energy solution…namely nacho cheese! Think of it, if cars ran on nacho cheese, the world would be a much better place. Although their might be be a lot more people siphoning gas (or in this case, nacho cheese) from vehicles, I think that overall it would create a much tastier and efficient world. Together, we can make a difference!