Know Thy Enemy

NachoenemyEveryone loves nacho cheese, right? Wrong! We live in a crazy mixed up world where there are actually people out there trying to spread propaganda against the beauty that is nacho cheese. We have found one such individual and feel an obligation to the nacho cheese community to identify the enemy.

In an article entitled, “Behold the Evils of Cheese” posted on Visionary Darkness, a cheese-hater going by the alias Killing Joke entertains the notion that cheese is an evil force that’s taking over America. Don’t let this writer’s name full you. He is anything but joking. Make no mistake, Killing Joke is on a mission to rid the world of this wonderfully delicious gooey elixir.

Click here to read an excerpt from the article.

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“We are no longer living in a democratic society, we have now moved into a fully functional cheeseocracy. In this evil cheeseocracy our freedom of choice has almost completely been eliminated, because cheese is now everywhere, no matter where you go or what you order; you are going to find this yellowish monstrosity on at least one thing you get. Even foods that have cheese on it already are upping the “cheese-factor” up another level.”

If you’re brave enough to read the entire story, click here.