Make Peace and Eat Nachos

AllaboutnachosMySpace is a cesspool for miscreant, pedophile, and musician profiles. But dig deep enough and you’ll find some profiles that are absolute gems. One such gem is “All About Nachos.” This profile is home to two girls (Saucee and Peppah) whose mission statement is simple:

“We are here to try out nachos in a variety of locations in Austin and surrounding cities here in Texas. We are looking for taste, sex appeal, aesthetics, and price. The chip is as important as the toppings. Must have excellent salsa and margaritas.”

Their reviews are informative and humerous. In fact, my only complaint is that they don’t include pictures of the nachos they review. If you’re a nacho lover that lives in the Austin area, “All About Nachos” is one MySpace profile worth checking out.

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