The Medicinal Uses of Nacho Cheese

The Sun, Earth and Moon don’t align very often, but last week a similar event occurred: the cafeteria served nachos on the same day as carnitas!

Three friends and I all decided to partake on this magical event.  Two of them kept it real and drizzled nacho cheese on top of their carnitas.  One other friend and I dropped the ball and settled for plain carnitas.  NOT A GOOD CHOICE.

Later that day, my stomach started to feel a bit odd.  Rumblings started to occur which were then followed by a sharp pain.  At that point I decided to ask my friends if they had any similar problems.

Here are the results:

Friend 1: Similar pains.  Did not drizzle nacho cheese on top of carnitas.
Friend 2: No pains.  Drizzled nacho cheese on top of carnitas.
Friend 3: No pains.  Drizzled nacho cheese on top of carnitas.

After analyzing this study, I’ve come to only one conclusion: The
nacho cheese must have coated their stomachs thus acting like a barrier
to any bad carnita fillings!

I don’t know if this strange alignment gave the nacho cheese special
abilities or if the nacho cheese god was punishing us for not keeping
it real, but one thing is obvious: nacho cheese has medicinal purposes.

I suppose that old saying is true: “A nacho a day keeps the doctor away.”

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6 thoughts on “The Medicinal Uses of Nacho Cheese”

  1. I dont know about Armericans.
    But one could applaud the research of these Americans, one day nacho cheese will cure cancer.

  2. I don’t think I can say that an entire country of people make me sick. But Mr. Ahmed Tieran, you make me sick.

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