David’s Nacho Cheese Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower_seedsWe’ve all spent time cracking open traditional salt-coated sunflower seeds, but have you tried nacho cheese sunflower seeds?

DAVID, the most well-known maker of sunflower seeds has a wide assortment of other flavors, including nacho cheese.  While I am not a fan of the Ranch and Bar-B-Q flavors, I applaud DAVID for taking the leap and serving a nacho cheese flavor as well.

The verdict?  I tried DAVID nacho cheese sunflower seeds and I like them.  One caveat…I have eaten a whole bag of them and I could see how the flavor could be over-powering if not complemented by a nice cold beverage.

11 thoughts on “David’s Nacho Cheese Sunflower Seeds”

  1. Obviously a frosty beer makes the most sense to accompany thse nacho cheese seeds. But there are many nacho lovers out there under the legal drinking age. For those unfortunate souls…what would you recommend?

  2. For those under the legal drinking age, I suggest a high quality Root Beer which provides enough sweetness to offset the “nacho-ness” of the sunflower seeds.

  3. I highly recommend enjoying a little Nacho Cheese Seed action at the ballpark watching an A’s Game unravel. ***WARNING*** The Oakland staff asks that you refrain from spitting seeds over the rails.

  4. And now, another episode of Everybody Loves Nacho Cheese

    Filed under: Cheese , On the Blogs OK, maybe not everybody , but this guy does , and he has a new blog

  5. the biggest drawback of the cheese seeds,is that their impossible to find anywhere in my area.and for the times when they werent so hard to find.way sticky to the fingers.its like eating a meal with your hands.overall messy,but still a treat.

  6. Cocacola or Pepsi works great with Nacho Cheese and many other flavors aswell…

  7. I loveeeeee nacho cheese but they’re so hard to find I haven’t had them in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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