Nacho Cheese Test Lab #1

Test suggestion by: Timo A. Email us a story.

TestlabIf you’re like us, you’ve spent countless nights laying awake thinking about if there are other applications nacho cheese is suitable for aside from consumption. It was that singular introspection that innitiated us to create a test lab specifically focused on answering these questions.

The Nacho Cheese Test Lab will be an ongoing feature that will report on our nacho cheese experiments. Needless to say, if you have an idea for a study you’d like us to conduct, write us. We do the tests so you don’t have to!

Our first test explores the question: Can nacho cheese be used to hold a picture frame?


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2 thoughts on “Nacho Cheese Test Lab #1”

  1. Sweet logo! 😉
    I guess nacho cheese is only good as food and a scare tactic. I’ll have to go back to using thumbtacks, sadly.

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