Nacho Sighting at GDC2007

KotakuGDC2007 has come and gone. Overall, it was a decent show…albeit, one without nachos conveniently available in the convention center. However, in response to this post, Michael Fahey over at the gaming mega-blog Kotaku generously wrote us with this report.

According to Fahey, Telltale Games held a small party to promote their upcoming Sam and Max game. The shindig was held at a little speakeasy in a Union Square alleyway and was home to many drunk members of the press as well as Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam and Max.

But the big news of the night was that they were serving up nachos. Fahey described them as being “slightly thicker than your normal variety, with some of them bordering on the chewy side for some odd reason.” He added that, “while the other finger foods were down at the other end of the darkened bar, the nachos sat alone upon a pedestal, piled high…piled proudly.” He admitted to spending a fair amount of time standing next to the pedestal, scooping up copious amounts of goodness onto the slightly sweet chips before eventually breaking down, grabbing a plate, and shoveling a large chunk out of the diminishing pile and carrying them over to a table where his Kotaku cohorts and friends waited.

We salute you, Michael Fahey, for keepin’ it real and being a proud nacho cheese lover!

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