Nachos. Faster.

PaypassWhat can be more American than fast food? When we crave calories and cholesterol, the last thing we want standing in our way is having to wait more than 30 seconds to get it. Fortunately for all of us attention deficit snackers our there, MasterCard and Taco Bell have…

Oh look! A birdy just landed on my windowsill. Aaaaand, there it goes.

What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah. MasterCard and Taco Bell have made the process of getting our nachos even faster! They’re currently testing the MasterCard PayPass Touch & Go payment solution at approximately 100 Taco Bell stores. This means that the next time you want to order enough nachos to get your daily allowance of Vitamin C, you’ll be able to shave precious seconds off your total wait time. Priceless!

[SOURCE: AMonline]

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2 thoughts on “Nachos. Faster.”

  1. Oh yum…my crunch wrap supreme can get into my fingers even faster. Yum, Yum, Yum… I hope it comes to my town. I never have enough cash with me.

  2. This is great news. I use MasterCard PayPass.
    Mastercard’s product – PayPass seems to have the most positive brand image and is most recognizable and accepted.
    I find that PayPass is far superior to Visa Contactless (Wave) and American Express ExpressPay. PayPass is offered in card, on a key chain payment tag and mobile phone (Nokia 3220 and 6131 NFC). Visa Contactless, I believe, is only offered in the card itself, and American Express only offered ExpressPay on a key chain tag or in the card itself of select AMEX products.
    The PayPass brand is advertised better and financial institutions have embraced it more quickly than the competitors.
    Chase credit and debit products call their contactless technology Blink, which encompasses both the Visa and MasterCard networks.
    More info on the MasterCard product, which has even been implemented in mobile phones is located at:

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