Nachos Now With 100% More Botulism!

Nachostogo_2We’d like to think we would try any nacho out there at least once for the sake of review. But after careful discussion, we decided against Mexican Express’ Nachos to Go product. Call us crazy, but we’re not really “down” with botulism. Simply put: Contaminated nachos just aren’t cool.

Last month the Nachos to Go product was linked to the botulism infection of a 26-year-old Melbourne man. The company immediately recalled the product with a best before date of April 19, and since then decided to withdraw all remaining batches from sale and stop production. Mexican Express managing director Ian Young defended his company by saying, “All of our systems are impeccable – we’ve done nothing wrong but that’s not the point. My kids actually ate this batch – that’s how good our records are.” He went on to express that his first priority was the health and welfare of consumers by stating, “We are putting the public first.”

[SOURCE: Austalia Herald Sun]

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