Nachos Please… Hold the Cheese

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BobbyEric is proving to be a true Superfan. First he sends us “It’s Nacho Love (That I Need)” – an original song he wrote just for the site – now he’s written a review of some nachos he ate during a recent business trip! It’s honest, humorous, informative, and well written. He even took a picture.

Nice work, Eric. Nice work, indeed.

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On a recent business trip to New York City, I had the good fortune of having dinner with good friends at Mesa Grill, one of the new York’s most well known restaurants. Upon entering, we were met by the friendly staff who informed us that the rest of our party had not yet arrived and that we were welcome to wait at the bar and enjoy one of their deservedly famous margaritas.

So far, so good.

Once seated in the well appointed dining room, we decided on a number of appetizer courses and settled in for what promised to be a great evening. This is when things got interesting. Now, I have been familiar with Bobby Flay (founder of Mesa Grill and television peronality) for some time, this was the first time that I have had the good fortune to visit one of his restaurants. Obviously, Mr. Flay is good at his job – the atmosphere is wonderful, the staff was attentive and engaging, and the food was uniformly delicious. But the Nachos? Less Nacho-istic than I would have thought.

Described in the menu as Ahi Tuna Nachos, the plate arrived in a rather shocking cheese-less state! Now please don’t get me wrong. They were delicious – sushi grade tuna lightly marinated and spiced and served over very light, freshly made tortilla chips. Incredible. I highly recommend them. But are they Nachos? Unfortunately I must say “no.”

While I understand that much of the charm and whimsy of Mr. Flay’s work lies in his ability to redefine dishes and to challenge our preconceived notions of what old favorites are – I find this to be confusing at best and false advertising at worst. It is my firm believe that to be labeled a Nacho – cheese must be involved. Simply defining a nacho as “a chip with something on it” will not do. This opens up far too many questions about the nature of nachos. For example: a ruffled potato chip with onion dip? Great with beer to be sure – but not a nacho. Butter crackers with a slice of ham? Tasty, but not a nacho. Tortilla chips with tuna? Delicious – but NOT A NACHO.

This type of cavalier food definition could lead to the porterhouse steak that is actually a mixed salad. Or imagine the chocolate cake that actually contains no chocolate, but rather a mix of bacon and shrimp. It is simply wrong. Society cannot tolerate this tragic loosening of moral fiber and we must take responsibility for our actions.

Mr. Flay – you promise high quality food in a fantastic atmosphere and you deliver on that promise. But when you give me nachos with no cheese…frankly sir, I lost a bit of my childhood that night.

11 thoughts on “Nachos Please… Hold the Cheese”

  1. Eric L– you write a mean review. Keep ’em coming. I would share ahi tuna “nachos” with you anytime. And your theme song is hot too…xo

  2. Oh – please don’t get me wrong – they are GREAT – but they may NOT be Nachos….

  3. Thank you Eric for explaining what nachos really are! I enjoyed your critique greatly. Please write more reviews about the nachos that you ingest.

  4. Wow, quite a scathing review. I had the pleasure of eating at the Mesa Grill in Vegas, and it was awesome…though I don’t recall seeing nachos on the menu.
    The OverDraught pub in Toronto has some kickin nachos if you ever make it up there…
    Either way, keep the reviews coming!

  5. Yo baby…let’s get some nacho love. If only I knew who you were! You’re an impressive guy! Will be waiting for more posts from you.

  6. My PerCePtIoN Of tHe rOyAl fLaY HaS oFFiCiAllY bEEn ShAttErEd!!!! hOnEsTy iZ gOOd!

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