Nothing says “Nachos” like “Raw Fish?”

TilapiaI love nachos. And given that I’m Japanese, it’s no surprise that I also love sushi. But to find out that the winning recipe at this year’s Inland Northwest Healthy Nacho Recipe Contest was Ceviche Nachos, induced a bit of skeptisism. Granted, we’ve tried nacho cheese on gourment sausages, we’ve even tried nacho cheese on ice cream, but raw fish? No, really. Fish…that’s raw…with nacho cheese. That’s the winning recipe?


Ann Yanecek’s Ceviche Nachos won the top spot and will be featured on the Downriver Grill menu through Cinco de Mayo. Yanececk said her inspiration came from a fish taco recipe that husband loves.

If anyone lives in the Spokane, Washington area and cares to order up a plate, please take a picture and send us a review. We’d love to post it up on our site!

[SOURCE: SpokesmanReview]

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2 thoughts on “Nothing says “Nachos” like “Raw Fish?””

  1. I have family in that area…but I would have to pay them…a lot…to get them to eat raw fish with nacho cheese sauce. I always knew the northwest was different…

  2. I’ve had Ann’s Nachos. They are the best that I’ve ever had. The cheese isn’t the typical runny stuff they put on the Nachos you buy at the local 7-11.
    Wonderful sweet/tart taste, with a nice hint of spice. Its really hard to describe the flavor mix, but its amazing!
    Do yourself a favor and have some!
    Not sure if its proper to post links…but the recipe can be found here;

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