What Will You Serve on Sunday? (part 1)

Nachobuster_1Super Bowl XLI is only a couple of days away. While this should normally be an exciting day for all Americans, I’ve been to too many Super Bowl parties that have served one particular unacceptable snack.

When shopping for chips, many often turn to the all-in-on solution of nacho cheese flavored chips. These chips are a disgrace to the nacho name. Now I’m not saying that these chips necessarily taste bad, (although I wouldn’t eat any) my only real objection is to what they’re being advertised as — nacho cheese flavored. I defy you to find a single person alive that actually believes nacho cheese flavored chips actually taste like nachos. They don’t. Instead, if these chips were renamed "Tangy Orange Color Powdered Tortilla Chips" I would not have a problem.

This Sunday do all your guests a favor. Don’t by nacho cheese flavored chips.

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What Will You Serve on Sunday? (part 2)

Walkingnacho_1 Now that’s it’s been established that Nacho Cheese Flavored chips are a disgrace to the nacho name, let me suggest an alternative for The Big Game. If you’ve already decided against the traditional chips-on-a-plate-with-nacho-cheese-poured-on-top recipe, and would rather serve your chips out of a bag, try this 3-step ditty on for size:

Shara’s Walkin’ Nacho:
Step 1: Cut a hole in a box
Step 2: Put your junk… (wait…wrong recipe)

Shara’s Walkin’ Nacho:
Step 1: Get a bag of tortilla chips
Step 2: pour hot nacho cheese into bag
Step 3: Shake bag and serve

This Month in Nacho Cheese History

FreemonnIn February of 2005, fellow nacho cheese lover, Michael David Monn of Maryville was wrongfully sentenced to three years in prison but was given supervised probation. While Michael did plead guilty to burglary, theft, vandalism, indecent exposure and public intoxication, it was how police found him the morning of July 18, 2004 that makes the penalty too harsh.

After breaking into a snack bar, Monn stripped naked, somehow covered himself in nacho cheese and managed to scale an 8-foot fence before getting caught. It’s obvious that the man was simply going through withdraws and needed a fix of melted orangy goodness.

I salute you Mr. Monn, for rising up in the face of adversity and going above beyond to obtain the necessary cheese to maintain your life’s happiness. My only question. Why naked?

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George W. Bush Loves Nachos

George_bushRegardless of how you feel about our current President of the United States, this picture clearly tells the story of a man who clearly LOVES nachos (and hopefully nacho cheese) as much as we all do.

Today, I respectfully send my best regards to the President for this picture and his love for nachos and nacho cheese.

If interested, I found the picture from this site: http://www.celebrities-eating.com/2006/05/george-w-bush-and-june-cleaver.html

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What’s in the Box?

IntheboxChristmas is over and I’m already looking at the next occasion where presents will be given — Valentine’s Day. While I was saddened when I didn’t receive any nacho cheese related gifts this holiday season, I look forward to hopefully creating a new trend in "Heart Day" gift giving.

Flowers, chocolates, candy, stuffed animals are all overrated. If your significant other is a nacho lover (and you’ll know if they are) try something different this year. You may be tempted to purchase this. Instead, I suggest wrapping up a bag of tortilla chips, a JAR of nacho cheese, and what the hell…throw a stupid bow on top. Your nacho-loving schmoopie will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll be guaranteed at least second base that evening.

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Keepin’ It Real

Keepin’ It Real: “Staying true to your ‘roots’ (i.e., ‘real’). When your priorities or principles as a
person hold true in any event or situation.”

When nachos are on the menu, are you going to order a salad
because you are eating lunch with your boss? NO. You are going to keep it real
and order the nachos. I don’t care what
situation you are in, who you are trying to impress, or if your job is on the
line.  We nacho lovers must always keep
it real.

This is purely a reminder to
all of you nacho lovers who did not keep it real today.

The Age Old Question…

DesertislandAhhh…the age old question: If you’re handed a bucket of dog poo, and your birthday falls on a… Wait. Not that question. That’s for my OTHER blog. Let’s start over, shall we?

Ahhh…the age old question: If you were stranded on a deserted island and allowed only one food, what would it be?

Everyone’s got an answer. And everyone’s got a reason for their answer. You’ll come across the burrito people, the pizza people. But if you asked me, I will always answer decisively and without hesitation, "NACHOS." But then I started engaging in that dangerous pastime — thinking. Could nachos be the best choice? Would I even be able to survive on nachos alone?

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Continue reading “The Age Old Question…”

International Nacho Festival at Black Rocks

Nacho_festivalThis is a must-see event for any die-hard nacho lover out there!!  This year the festival runs Oct. 13-15 with an itinerary full of live music, art, cultural activities and, of course, the popular "biggest nacho of the world" contest, an event which is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Though I’ve never attended, I’m putting this on the agenda for future years.  If I can make it out there, I’ll write a full report on my findings.

Learn more about the event at:  http://mexicolesstraveled.com/nachofest.htm

I’ve read a lot of conflicting stories about the birth of nacho (from Wikipedia, etc ), but this one seems the most legitimate.  Here’s what the site says about nachos:

"Yep, the nacho. Born in the late 1940’s in Piedras Negras, Mexico, it’s beginnings may have been a little humble. But down through the years it has grown into one of the world’s most favorite and famous snacks. Now, every year the nacho is celebrated in grand style at the International Nacho Fest in the place of its birth, Piedras Negras."

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Campbell’s Nacho Cheese Dip / Soup

OK, after watching this advertisement from Campbell’s Soup, it’s arguably a bit lame and I think it was made in the 1980’s.  But, the ad clearly depicts many different ways that nacho cheese can be used to enhance the flavor or experience of meals.  It made my mouth water (except for the meat loaf).

While I’ve never tried this hybrid nacho cheese / soup, I’m certainly intrigued.  I’ll report back on my taste test when I can see if it’s still available somewhere.  If anyone out there has tried Campbell’s Nacho Cheese Dip / Soup, please leave a comment with your opinion.

[UPDATED Sept-2012]

While I haven’t been able to locate this exact product, Campbell’s does make something similar.  Here’s a link to Campbell’s Fiesta Nacho Cheese on Amazon.com.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFtrAmJrc7g]