Radio Alice II: The Wrath of Cheese

CheeeeseAfter a quick phone interview with Sarah & No Name last Thursday, the three of us were invited into the studio the following morning to do an on-air “private nacho tasting” of our Official Recipe with the morning crew.

That morning we met up and carpooled into the Alice @ 97.3 Station located in beautiful San Francisco. Already excited, on the way up we got even more amped when we heard them discussing our upcoming appearance. At that point, all we could think about was how terrible it would be if they ended up hating the recipe. When we arrived, we were greeted by Hooman and led into the Green Room to set up shop and begin cooking up our heavenly orange-colored gravy.

Below we’ve included two audio clips. The first is a little pre-appearance banter; the second, our on-air interview. Wondering how it all turned out? Well…you’ll have to listen. But to give you a clue, they’ve invited us back for their Cuatro de Mayo broadcast! Oh yeah…one last thing. Christy, the gal that called in with your…ummm…”joke?” Could you email us and explain? We’re all still trying to figure that one out!


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3 thoughts on “Radio Alice II: The Wrath of Cheese”

  1. Nice appearance, gentleman! That horrible joke at the end almost ruined the whole thing though…

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