Children are our Future

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OurfutureStudents at Oak Trace Elementary School in Westfield, IN recently participated in Kidstown, a hands-on program that teaches kids about business and money by having them create and run businesses. What set Oak Trace apart from the rest or the participating schools was what these students decided to base their business on — nachos.

“We voted on it, and nachos are something everybody wants,” said group member Zander Tidwell.

Zander, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

[SOURCE: Noblesville Daily Times]

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2 thoughts on “Children are our Future”

  1. Wow that kid in the pic is obese! But I got to hand it to those young entrepreneurs, nachos are THE BEST! Awesome job Oak Trace Elementary School kids!

  2. I agree with NachoMan! Our future is in BIG trouble if that child has anything to do with it on a large scale!!!!

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