What Will You Serve on Sunday? (part 1)

Nachobuster_1Super Bowl XLI is only a couple of days away. While this should normally be an exciting day for all Americans, I’ve been to too many Super Bowl parties that have served one particular unacceptable snack.

When shopping for chips, many often turn to the all-in-on solution of nacho cheese flavored chips. These chips are a disgrace to the nacho name. Now I’m not saying that these chips necessarily taste bad, (although I wouldn’t eat any) my only real objection is to what they’re being advertised as — nacho cheese flavored. I defy you to find a single person alive that actually believes nacho cheese flavored chips actually taste like nachos. They don’t. Instead, if these chips were renamed "Tangy Orange Color Powdered Tortilla Chips" I would not have a problem.

This Sunday do all your guests a favor. Don’t by nacho cheese flavored chips.

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One thought on “What Will You Serve on Sunday? (part 1)”

  1. I AGREE! Doritos are not nachos and they shouldn’t put “nacho cheese” on the bag. A total disgrace.

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