Taco Bell’s New Zesty Nachos


Taco Bell has recently released a new item on their menu: Zesty Nachos. These nachos consist of chips, “zesty sauce with a kick and nacho cheese sauce”, seasoned beef, cool sour cream, and tomatoes. According to our standards, this is pushing the limit of too much.

Last night my brother took them for a whirl. So how did they measure up?

First of all they do not look exactly like what we see in the advertisement. Although this may not really matter, it gives us a bad first impression. Fortunately they taste pretty good. “These Zesty Nachos are pretty good; however they taste like every other item on the menu.” –Scott S.

This reminded us that Taco Bell never actually adds new items to their menu. It’s all smoke and mirrors! They simply repackage the same 6 ingredients. Although these Zesty Nachos are good, they might as well be called the Taco Supreme , Nacho Cheese Gordita, Nacho Cheese Chalupa, or Nachos Supreme.

Rating: 8/10 (Taco Bell standards)
Rating: 4/10 (Normal standards)


5 thoughts on “Taco Bell’s New Zesty Nachos”

  1. They’re pretty skimpy on the TRANS FATS. They should add some more partially hydrogenated oil and market them as KILLER NACHOS. Yeah.

  2. I am addicted to zesty nachos. All who wants to team up with me to bring them back call: 601-813-6284.

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