The Age Old Question…

DesertislandAhhh…the age old question: If you’re handed a bucket of dog poo, and your birthday falls on a… Wait. Not that question. That’s for my OTHER blog. Let’s start over, shall we?

Ahhh…the age old question: If you were stranded on a deserted island and allowed only one food, what would it be?

Everyone’s got an answer. And everyone’s got a reason for their answer. You’ll come across the burrito people, the pizza people. But if you asked me, I will always answer decisively and without hesitation, "NACHOS." But then I started engaging in that dangerous pastime — thinking. Could nachos be the best choice? Would I even be able to survive on nachos alone?

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I needed answers.

For those answers I turned to Ms. Schuyler RN, ANP. Nurse Schuyler
holds a Masters Degree in Nursing and knows a thing or two about health
and nutrition. She explained that a person would only be able to
survive on nachos alone for a very short time. In fact, more than food,
the body APPARENTLY needs "water", and the salt in both the cheese and
the chips would make that abundantly clear within a matter of hours, if
not minutes.

Not completely satisfied with her answer (and quite frankly
questioning her expertise at this point) I asked, "How about if the
rules to the question were altered a bit and I was allowed both nachos
AND water?" Unfortunately, the results are similar. The nurse was quick
to point out that if you also had water with your nachos, you WOULD
survive a bit longer. However, eventually you would get scurvy from lack of Vitamin C, or muscle wasting from lack of protein.

So what IS the ideal food to choose if stranded on a deserted
island? I could give a shit. Which brings me back to the dog poo
question. But again, this blog is about nachos and I don’t discuss
inferior food here. All I know is in the end: Nachos FTW!

One thought on “The Age Old Question…”

  1. This is very compelling. The primary research you conducted on the nacho cheese question is intriguing. It sounds like the vitamin deficiency inherent to nacho cheese is what prevents someone from choosing nacho cheese (and water) for the food of choice.
    I’m curious though…could there be a nacho cheese out there that contains enough essential vitamins to actual keep you alive? Are all flavors and brands of nacho cheese the same? Do they all lack vitamins? To answer this question, I think I need to visit the local grocery store to determine if any nacho cheese has a good supply of vitamins.

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