The Little Cheese That Could

CheesetvWe’ve all got dreams and aspirations. Fame, fortune, family. These are all common milestones for human success. For cheese, I imagine success would come in the form of being melted down and drizzled on chips.

The West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers has blessed the web by allowing the world to witness a rack of cheddar mature. What is the fate of this cheese? What will it become when it’s all growns up? We may never know. But we can all watch and keep our fingers crossed.

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One thought on “The Little Cheese That Could”

  1. TASTY TREATS: We’re fortunate enough (at my work) to have a massive can/tub of Nacho Cheese left over from our SuperBowl party and, we being out of tortilla chips (and unsatisfied/unwilling to purchase the pre-flavoured taste-of-the-month Doritos from our vending machines), have taken to enjoying a bowl of hot delicious Nacho Pudding. The pure flavours and textures of hot thick Nacho Cheese, unadulterated, undiluted, coating our SOULS (SEOULS?) with that which is second only to nuclear missiles in terms of our national budgeting concerns regarding items of heat and incapacitation potential. Join us in achieving our various nationalistic glories you capitalist old sailor you!

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