Two MIT Students, Cheese, and a Dream

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FountainA reader recently sent in this picture and suggested we write a story about it. Not content with simply commenting on a photo, we were compelled to venture to the source. We wanted to find the person responsible for such a glorious handcrafted piece of cheesy machinery. Our search lead us to Chris Vogt and Schuyler Senft-Grupp – two Electrical Engineering and Environmental Engineering alums from MIT. Chris gives Schuyler credit for coming up with the idea after watching the movie Talladega Nights and recounts that, after it was suggested, they were both “on a mission from the Nacho Gods” to create “the beast.”

The next four hours were spent at Home Depot looking for supplies. 4 gallons of water, 6 feet of copper tube, 1 plumbers torch, 4 hose clamps, 4 plastic bowls, 1 aluminum water heater drip pan, 1 emergency drill pump, 1 power drill, various PVC bits, some string, 2 heating plates, a wooden spoon, several bags of chips, and 6 gallons of cheese later, they were ready to begin. If you think this is beginning to sound like a MasterCard commercial, you’re absolutely right. Because after 6 hours over 3 days, what these two visionaries created was “priceless.”

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14 thoughts on “Two MIT Students, Cheese, and a Dream”

  1. Wow. To think you ended your attempt in utter failure. Not what I might expect from determined college students.

  2. What’s with the cheese hatin’? This is way better than those silly chocolate fountains that are so “popular” these days.

  3. We stumbled across this article while we were researching fountains before building our six-cheese nacho cheese fountain we built for my son;s recent wedding. That’s right, we actually made a SIX-CHEESE NACHO CHEESE FOUNTAIN! (“That really happened!”) Check-out our build blog. Click the link on the name “Scott” below to check it out.

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