We Heart Taco Licking

TacosSarah and No Name from Alice @ 97.3 generously invited us to their Cinco de Mayo (Thizzo de Mayo) broadcast to judge their “Battle of the Bay Taco Licking Contest.” And although nacho cheese wasn’t involved, we graciously accepted the challenge.

The contest consisted of two teams of three: The North Bay vs. The East Bay. It was a hardfought battle, but after all the tongues were tired and all the tacos were licked, the North Bay team was crowned the victors.

Overall, the entire event was great to be part of. Hooman was sporting an ILoveNachoCheese.com shirt, we got to hang out with the morning crew again, and we were able to meet some interesting loyal listeners. Even recently engaged Andrew “The Bachelor” Firestone showed up to drink and be merry!

Click here to see pictures from the event.

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4 thoughts on “We Heart Taco Licking”

  1. I heard the Nacho Cheese guys were signing autographs! And they even agreed to take photos with adoring fans…
    I wish I got an autograph.

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