Pregnant Women Crave Nachos

What is the #1 food item is that women crave while pregnant?

You guessed it, nachos!  According to these 40 Interesting Facts, it’s true, pregnant women crave nachos more than anything else.

Pregnant nacho lovers:

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5 thoughts on “Pregnant Women Crave Nachos”

  1. I craved apples. Did that make your list? Oh, I hate apples…I didn’t like them before I got pregnant and I don’t like them now. I probably ate bushels of them while I was pregnant though. Blah…

  2. Yeah. You definitely have to put things in perspective. Have a kid, or spend 9 months craving nachos knowing it’s not safe to eat them!

  3. I ate 7-11 nachos and cheese almost every day when pregnant with my 3rd child, the cashier said the baby was going to come out looking like a nacho! He turned out fine, he is almost 4 now, healthy and quite a little smarty pants, just found it funny that nachos and cheese are actually a craving many pregnant women get, I don’t feel so alone now lol

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