What is the best movie theater nacho cheese?

ricos nacho cheese cupsOf course, “best” is a totally subjective word but when it comes to the ultimate ballpark nacho cheese sauce around, only ONE name comes to mind.  Ricos nacho cheese cups

According to the Ricos website, they even go so far to call out this delicious nacho cheese as “theater-style.” I couldn’t agree more.  It comes in a pack of four individual packaged containers, so basically it’s a four-use deal.  It’s good stuff, has a hint of spice to it, just like the movie theaters and ball parks.

Check it out on Amazon, thankfully for the entire world it seems Amazon sells it.  I found it at the local grocery.  If you try it, come back and let us know what you think…Is it the best movie / ballpark nacho cheese out there?  According to us…Yes, yes it is.

Find Ricos nacho cheese on Amazon.com