What Will You Serve on Sunday? (part 2)

Walkingnacho_1 Now that’s it’s been established that Nacho Cheese Flavored chips are a disgrace to the nacho name, let me suggest an alternative for The Big Game. If you’ve already decided against the traditional chips-on-a-plate-with-nacho-cheese-poured-on-top recipe, and would rather serve your chips out of a bag, try this 3-step ditty on for size:

Shara’s Walkin’ Nacho:
Step 1: Cut a hole in a box
Step 2: Put your junk… (wait…wrong recipe)

Shara’s Walkin’ Nacho:
Step 1: Get a bag of tortilla chips
Step 2: pour hot nacho cheese into bag
Step 3: Shake bag and serve

2 thoughts on “What Will You Serve on Sunday? (part 2)”

  1. Good recipe and quick snack idea. I’d like to make a recommendation on what size of chips to use…Going with the largest possible “personal size” bag is best. I also like to shake the bag of chips when I’ve added the cheese. This helps with cheese distribution. To create a little more room when shaking, eating a few chips first works well.

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