Who in the Hell Are These “Nacho Cheese” Guys?

AboutusWe introduced the nacho loving community to the inventor of the Microwaveable Nacho Box, we interviewed the creator of “Nacho Blasters,” and we’re preparing to have a one-on-one with the man behind the song It’s Nacho Love (That I Need).

But who are we?

Some may have learned a bit about us from the Mercury News article, some may have heard our interview on KGO Radio, others may have even met us at the Alice @ 97.3 Cinco de Mayo Broadcast. Now you can learn a little more about the three guys who created ILoveNachoCheese.com. You can even sign up for our Twitters where we write about more than just nacho cheese. What a concept!

So hop on over to our new About Us page and learn more… about… us… or something.

One thought on “Who in the Hell Are These “Nacho Cheese” Guys?”

  1. Man…you guys got it goin’ on. Role models with a capital R. Would you consider stopping in at my nephew’s birthday party? I was thinking you could provide the nachos, lead the finger-painting-with-nacho-cheese activity, sing your nacho theme song, and take photos with each kid for a lovely take home memory. How much will that cost me?

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